Engineering Update

Here’s something cool: We’ve added support for a few more services and additional API features. With these additions, Singly now offers 15 services in one API.

You can start incorporating data from these services by perusing the docs, checking out the API explorer, or living on the edge and hitting the /services/… endpoint directly. Go ahead, we can’t stop you.

Push Notifications
Singly can let your app know when we discover new data on any authenticated service that matches the parameters you specify. We can post the data to your server for you to handle, or you can simply write some client-side code with and forgo the server entirely.

Writable API
Need to store some data custom data but don’t want to manage a whole database? Now you can post any custom JSON to Singly and retrieve it individually for each user. Managing state just got a bit simpler.

Want to help people work out their fitness data? Use the runkeeper endpoints to access all fitness, strength, and background activities. Records and street team data are available, too.

Business is big. Singly can now easily feed your app with users’ contacts and updates from inside their Yammer-enabled company. The information is as complete as what is available on the website, including data for all users in their network  and news going back to the beginning. The user data and updates are also available as universal types under /types/contacts and /types/statuses_feed.

Facebook Likes
Let your users know what they like. Or extrapolate to let them know what they don’t know they like. Anyway, we know you can do something with the /services/facebook/likes endpoint.

That’s all for now. Keep your eye on this blog for future updates. In the meantime, ask any questions in our support chatroom or email We also want your help deciding what to add next, so head on over to the Singly Uservoice page!

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