Singly has Swagger

We are excited to announce that Singly now implements the Swagger framework. If you have a Singly account, the Swagger UI is available along with our current API Explorer from our docs. If you don’t yet have a Singly account, signing up is free and easy.

Swagger is a huge upgrade because it brings the amazing power of well-developed APIs to the surface. Their purpose isn’t just to move blobs of faceless data from one server to another, but to interact with the service and the amazing insights that live within it.

With Singly, this means not just getting your users’ social data on dozens of services, but also enabling accessing data that originated nearby, sharing out statuses and photos to the services, and filtering by friends or time. Swagger gives you a sandbox for exploring all of this, which is a great first step to implementing them in your app.

We imagine where Swagger has replaced walls-of-text describing APIs. That’s why our next step is to expand our support to other parts of Singly, like authentication and profile management.

We’d recommend that all APIs hop on the Swagger Wagon.

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