Meaningful Use of Personal and Quantified Self Data in Healthcare

I am at the O’Reilly StrataRX Conference in San Francisco today, moderating a panel on using mobile technology to improve patient engagement and outcomes.  During the panel we’ll be talking about the vast amount of data available to healthcare providers, as well as the patients themselves.

There is a lot of talk about how we can best use technology to not just create and manage data, but also derive meaning from it.  During these conversations I see a lot of emphasis put on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android.  This focus makes sense, as these devices is the endpoint where much of the meaning will be viewed.

When in reality, before you can build the next generation mobile app or dynamic visualization, you need to have access to the richest, and most relevant data possible.  When we are talking about healthcare, it starts with a patients health records, but in this age of social it needs to go further and bring in personal data, giving an app context in a persons daily life.

Personal data can give context to our health profile by revealing aspects of our everyday lives like where we eat, travel and how much we work.  We can also weave healthcare into our daily lives using our social networks and calendars, allowing us to proactively manage our health care in a ongoing and efficient manner.

Even with this introduction of social and personal data into healthcare, it doesn’t stop there.  As mobile phones and tablets are become ubiquitous in our worlds, a new wave of quantified self (QS) devices are emerging that will take healthcare data to new levels.  Devices like Fitbit and and Runkeeper are not just for sports enthusiasts, they are empowering individuals worldwide to take control over their own health.

Singly has recognized this trend, and is is providing a single interface for developers to build meaningful mobile applications around an individuals personal and quantified self data–opening up new realms in healthcare, one that isn’t just personal, it is about truly understanding the quantified self.

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