2 Months of Android at Singly

2 Months of Android at Singly

We have been working hard on the Singly Android SDK for the past couple months. Here is some of the progress we have made so far:

  • A Singly client that handles authentication and interaction with the Singly APIs.
  • Integrated native Facebook authentication if the user has the Facebook Android app installed.
  • A drop in authenticated services activity that allows a user to authenticate with multiple services.  It shows a list of all Singly services and which services a user currently has authenticated against.
  • A drop-in friend picker component ListView that supports any size friends list.  It has intelligent caching, image downloading, a table of contents, and other optimizations for performance.
  • A remote image downloading and caching utility.  It handles intelligent background loading of images, caching those images to disk, and loading them into memory when needed.
  • Example applications that demonstrate using the Singly Android SDK.

Android Blog Posts

We have also put out a few blog posts on some of our experiences and learnings:

Some Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of some of the example components that are already in the SDK.  Our goal is to create useful drop in components that enable Android developers to add social data to their applications with very little work.

Let us know what you think.  Tell us if you are using the Android SDK or you would like to build an Android app using the SDK. We would love any feedback to help make the project better and we are always around and happy to help answer questions. As always, you can find us live at support.singly.com, or if you have Android-specific feedback/questions, ping dennis(at)singly.com.

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