Teaming up with CloudMine for Backend Superpowers

Building an app is a lot of work. From setting up servers and deployment environments, to connecting disparate data providers and services, to building scalable infrastructure, to design and frontend development, to the coding of the backend logic; there’s a lot on your plate.

Building on Singly eliminates API and OAuth wrangling, but backend infrastructure can still be a headache.

Enter CloudMine – the scalable, instant backend platform for your app trusted by individual developers and Fortune 500 companies alike. By leveraging this new partnership, you will get your product to market far faster than you ever could have before.

All the work we do at Singly is aimed at empowering developers to build interesting experiences. We believe that our product and SDKs can make a big difference, but we want to support your entire development process from idea to exit — and CloudMine is a step in that direction.

The CloudMine toolkit—made up of its native mobile SDKs, web APIs, and developer dashboards—acts as a gateway to its fully-scaled, secure backend solution. CloudMine stores and secures apps’ data, manages user accounts, eliminates the need for developers to maintain and scale their own servers, and more. This allows developers to build and ship apps faster and with lower risk. Just as Singly handles the data scaling considerations, CloudMine handles the majority of backend work, so that mobile developers don’t have to.

With CloudMine’s powerful backend tools and Singly’s SDK and API integration, you’ll get your app to market faster and scale more confidently.

Check out the docs for CloudMine and Singly.

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