API Hackday NYC

We made the trip to New York this weekend to hang out with Mashery, Twilio, Sendgrid, TokBox and scores of developers at API Hackday. Here’s a recap:


About 65 people came out for this day of hacking in New York, at The Alley coworking space. We kicked off the morning with bagels, coffee and API talks.



Then, the teams got to work!


As much as we love pulling all-nighters at 24-hour hackathons — seriously, we love that stuff — it was a nice change of pace of to attend a 12 hour, one day event.

We did venture out into the city once or twice while were there:


And, in the end, we had choose a winner. The Singly prize went to Pizza Party, which uses Singly App Fabric to help a user decide which friends to invite over for pizza, then it uses Twilio to send SMS invites to each friend, and finally, the ordr.in API allows the user to order a pizza for the pizza party.



Thanks to all who came out for the event, and to the companies who organized/hosted the event for graciously letting us take part. Happy hacking!

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