Here's a typical day at Singly. Some of use are traveling or working from home while the rest are in the office.

From itch to scratched: Google Hangout permalink

If your company employs remote workers you’ve likely tried to videoconference at some point and you’ve probably found that Google Hangouts is the best option available. If you’re like Singly and you use Hangouts every day for your standup, you may agree that it’s generally wonderful but for a few flaws.

Here at Singly, we were seriously pumped when Hangouts with Extras added static URL support, because it meant that someone didn’t have to spend 5 minutes setting up the Hangout and disseminating the URL.

We were as bummed as we had been pumped when that feature was removed and our standups started happening later and later.

At Google IO this year I got a chance to ask if that feature would come back, and while I didn’t get a clear answer I did get an awesome workaround:

  1. Use the newly released Google+ Events feature to create an event some date far in the future (I used a year in my test)
  2. Click the Hangout URL after the event is created
  3. Copy that URL and use it until the event expires a year from now!

For extra points you can create a website redirect like we’ve done at Singly (Apache syntax):

<VirtualHost *:80>
 ServerAdmin "Your Name <>"
 RewriteEngine on
 RewriteRule ^.*$ <YOUR GOOGLE HANGOUT URL HERE> [L,R] ErrorLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/hangout.error.log
 CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/hangout.access.log combined LogLevel warn

We find it unfortunate that a feature we so dearly appreciated has gone to the wayside, but this project gave us a quick reminder of why we’re all here doing what we’re doing: to solve problems.

One more thing:
Check out the Singly Developer Contest!


We’re 20 hours into AngelHack – with four to go – and it looks like 10-15 teams have been hacking on the Singly API. We’re thrilled to see such a great response at this fantastic event. If you aren’t there, make sure to pay attention to #AngelHack for updates!

Here’s one of our engineers, @TylerStalder, providing real-time, in-person API support.

We’re giving away a MacBook Pro with Retina display to the team that showcases our API in the most interesting way, and it looks like we’re going to have some great apps to choose from.

It seems like very few people here have been to sleep, but all the teams are still cranking out code. Just a few more hours until demos!

Cheers from Palo Alto. :)

Hack day at Singly

Every so often, we have an internal hack day. This can mean different things, but this time around we broke off into teams to build applications on the Singly platform.  We started off the morning with problem/solution pitches from everyone on the team, and then narrowed down to three popular projects. Here’s what we’re building today:

AfterLife (Temas + Beau)

Problem: Too much noise in my feeds across services

Solution: Present feed in a visually appealing way with basic info from each post. I can drag each post up to “heaven” or down to “hell.” I can later see if lots of posts from a specific user went to hell, in which case I may want to remove that person from my social graph.

Foodie Follower (Tyler + Kristján)

Problem: Too many great restaurants. Yelp doesn’t help me see where people whose opinions I trust are eating out.

Solution: Select a set of people in your network whose food preferences you trust, and see the restaurants where they check in, post photos, etc.

Do I know? (Simon, Jer, Sash)

Problem: I receive hundreds of non-spam emails each day. I need a way to know if I know the people who are emailing me.

Solution: A lightweight email app. I click a “Do I Know?” button, and the app checks all my networks, and pops up a red or green light next to each. If I get a red light on each service, I likely don’t know the person.
Check back later for updates on the progress of our apps. And, while you’re here, sign up for our $10,000 App Challenge:

Eventbrite - Singly $10,000 App Challenge